Course Description

In this course you will learn what is often considered the most critical component of communication – Listening.  Many of the conflicts and failures in organizations can be tied directly to someone not hearing, understanding or comprehending a message as it was designed. 

Since Human Resources professionals and other leaders spend much of their day listening, this course will help you increase your listening skills while helping others to listen more effectively, reducing mistakes and misunderstandings which will not only increase performance, production and profits but also help avoid unnecessary office drama. 

CEO of PWR University

Dr. Loren Murfield

Dr. Loren Murfield is a Visionary Facilitator, working with aspiring and emerging leaders to do what others consider impossible.Few would have thought they would be seeing him in this role today because as a middle child of 8 and the 4th of 5 boys, no one expected he would do anything significant. They would have thought any graduate work, especially a Ph.D. was out of the question, especially given he didn’t get his bachelor’s degree until he was 33. No one gave him much of a chance to teach college on the east coast after growing up on a farm outside of a tiny town in South Dakota. If that isn’t enough, most thought it was clearly impossible for him to write 8 books in one year, become an entrepreneur, teach in a graduate leadership program or coauthor a Heisman winner's biography. No one really could see it, but that is part of the fun – doing what no one thought we could do.Dr. Murfield works with aspring and emerging leaders every day. Some engage in his monthly mastermind, others in his executive coaching, while others have him write their book, white papers or weekly blog. Still others bring him in to speak professionally. They engage with him because he helps them think bigger, work smarter and achieve their breakthrough.In every session, client comments always follow a similar theme, "Wow, I hadn't thought about it that way before. That will make a critical difference." How does he do that? Dr. Murfield uses his 3D approach for leveraging leadership power. The secret to disruption is not wielding power but connecting to collaborate and then create. In the end, Dr. Murfield will help you do what you never thought possible Disrupt yourself Disrupt your career Disrupt the world Lead your Breakthrough by Leveraging your Leadership Power to do what others think is Impossible.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: Listening Effectively (in Human Resources and other Leadership Positions)

    • Introduction to Listening Effectively in Human Resources

  • 2

    Segment 2: Problems from Listening Ineffectively

    • Problems from Listening Ineffectively

  • 3

    Segment 3: The 3D Model of Listening

    • The 3D Model of Listening

  • 4

    Segment 3: The 3D Model of Listening

    • The 3D Model of Listening

  • 5

    Segment 4: Listening to Inform and Confront

    • Listening to Inform and Confront

  • 6

    Segment 5: Listening to Resolve and Persuade

    • Listening to Resolve and Persuade

  • 7

    Segment 6: Listening to Negotiate and Empathize

    • Listening to Negotiate and Empathize

  • 8

    Segment 7: Listening to Collaborate and Initiate

    • Listening to Collaborate and Initiate

    • Final Quiz: Listening Effectively in Human REsources

    • Certificate: Best Practices for Listening in Human Resources

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